iPhone repair Southport - Learn how to fix your iPhone, in house training Southport

Iphone repair & iPhone training

Broken screen
Power button stuck
Faulty home button
No wifi connection
No power
Screen freeae


Red ring of death
Disc drive problems
Graphics distorted
XBox - Request a repair

PC or laptop working slow?

Corrupt hard drive
Virus removal
PC will not start
Laptops replacement screen

Play station

Yellow light of death
System does not turn on
No picture on tv screen
No sound

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

The front of the XBOX 360 video game console has a 'Red Ring of Light'
This is used to indicate that there is a fault is with the console.
We can fix any "RROD" Fault, No Fix No Fee!

Xbox 360 Disc Error's

  • Disc Unreadable
  • Open Tray
  • Disc may be dirty or damaged
  • Disc stuck in drive
  • Drive Tray Stuck Open or Closed
These are the most common faults and can be fixed and for a great price!
Play station

PS3 Yellow Light of Death

PS3 turns on then flashes an Amber Light and Powers Off.
A hardware fault and can be fixed with our Professional Rework/Reflow System.
  • PS3 No Picture or sound
  • PS3 Disc Error
No Disc showing when inserted? Disc crashing regularly?
We can replace the laser to fix this and get you back to playing your games within the hour.
  • Disc Stuck in drive
  • PS3 Restore File System
  • No Power
Constantly restoring the file system on boot up?
We can fix the file system, replace your hard drive like for like or even upgrade for more memory to store your collection!

Wii Console

Wii Disc Read Error
Can be fixed with a new drive fitted within the hour!

Apple iPad

We can fix most probelms associated with the iPad, and many other tablets too.
Desktop PC's and Laptops

Desktop PC's and Laptops

  • Smashed Screen
We will install a brand new one for you.

  • Faulty Keyboard, Missing Keys Replaced

  • Windows Virus
We know how annoying these can be but can be fixed the same day!

  • Running slow
We can install a fresh copy of windows just like when you first bought it, and if you have data we can back it up and put it right back, keeping your data but gaining the speed! We will also but all windows updates on plus antivirus to keep your laptop safe.

  • Not charging? Even with a new charger?
We can replace the charging port (DC Jack) to get your laptop powered back up and running.

  • Blue Screen of Death
A hardware fault which we will diagnose and repair, no matter what the fault.

Smart phones

Smart phones

  • Broken Screen
We will install a brand new one for you.

  • Power button stuck
  • Home button broken
These, and many other hardware failures can be fixed quicky,
often on the same day Pop in for a quote.

We can fix
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